Since the 1950s, Design Thinking has evolved into a methodology to solve complex problems. It helps process optimization in cross-professional fields, service optimization, system optimization, and even education planning optimization. This year we participated in the Teacher Design Thinking Seminar, organized by the Taiwan Institute of Design. Teachers from all levels worked together to study and practice how design thinking can help education. The PIECE OF CUP exhibition promotes design thinking to the public, to make life more convenient.

The curator, Lin Wizhen, simplified the steps of design thinking into three steps: Seeing, thinking, and doing.

The creative thinking techniques of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division were taught to the audience through the simple object of a cup.

A variety of illustrations made it easy to understand the logic of Design Thinking.

Street signs were used to show the relationship between design thinking and physical objects.

Three Taiwanese design cases were analyzed to see how successful design thinking can be used in larger applications.