According to statistics, Christmas is the most popular holiday in the world. The warm atmosphere is captivating.

The ASUS Design Center works in collaboration with the ASUS Welfare Committee to create exclusive Christmas trees in December of each year, adding a festive atmosphere to our campus. This year is no exception. Clair, an ASUS Christmas tree design veteran, and industrial designers Rod, Haley, Ray, Stanley, and Zoe formed a team to ring the 2020 Christmas bell for ASUS.

Since the completion of the Ligong ASUS Campus last year, this is the second year we have designed two Christmas trees. The Christmas tree at Lide stands in the lobby, and the tree at Li Gong stands tall outdoors. This annual task is coveted amongst ASUS Design Center employees. Even though it is not a new product to be released to the public, it still goes through a process of proposal, revisions, and evaluations before the construction begins. Our designers noted how challenging and important it is to convey their story through the design of the Christmas tree.

(Basic drafts of proposals from designers.)
(Each proposal was voted on.)
(Design Chief Mitch also joined the discussion and listened to each designer’s explanations.)

The designers proposed many directions, including an arrangement of mirrors to reflect the night sky, a laser light show, and even a fully interactive installment of white lights.

(The advantage of being an editor is to see all the proposals behind the final design.)

After many discussions, the designers settled on “Say We” as this year’s theme. They wanted to show a personal style and have a more progressive Christmas tree design. They had three core principles to express: Protection, Reflection, and Reaction.
Protection,Protection is shown in the general design of the tree. The tree’s rings are symbolic of Taiwan’s efforts to protect us from the Covid-19 virus.
Reflection,Reflection caters to our modern needs. The mirror helps our visitors get the perfect angle when taking a selfie in front of the tree. Don’t forget to hashtag #saywe and #asusxmas2020 on your selfies 😉
Reaction,Reaction is the use of symbols from our brand to connect to our Christmas celebration.

(Each light design is distinct and represents ASUS, very brand focused.)

With a perfect plan, the design team was ready to initiate the construction phase. They spent a full weekend to erect the Christmas trees, giving employees a surprise as they arrived to work on Monday.

(The installation of the Christmas tree located outside the Li Gong building.)

(The installation of the Christmas tree in the indoor lobby of the Lide building.)

A Christmas without a Christmas Tree is like a Mid-Autumn Festival with no moon cakes, or a Dragon Boat Festival without rice dumpings, or a Chinese New Year without a red envelope!

Special thanks to the colleagues of the Welfare Committee for their strong support and help. Thank you to the 2020 Christmas Tree Design team Clair, Rod, Haley, Ray, Stanley, and Zoe, under the leadership of Design Chief Mitch.

The lighting ceremony brought together colleagues to celebrate this special time of year. Even Santa Claus and CEO Samson showed up to light up the Christmas Tree and spread joy. It was a cold night, but with an extra warm atmosphere. 2020 may have a lot of wind and rain, but we still have our future.

ASUS Design Center wishes everyone a happy festive season.