Simple, Portable, Multiuse

The ROG XG17 e-sports portable screen, a product that has not been taken seriously by consumers in the past, brought a dramatic improvement. The ROG design team started with in-depth research from users, hoping to extend the usage for consumers, improving the experience for the majority of user groups.



The ROG team found from user research and user experience tests that consumers care about and value the following three points most: durability, mobility, and multiple functions. The main users of portable gaming screens, in addition to being used as portable and mobile gaming screens, will also have various devices connect and use. Consumers biggest concerned is whether products such as portable screens will be damaged and not durable under frequent movement and use.



The only option: ROG XG17

ROG XG17 responds to the concerns of consumers, and under the ingenuity and hard work of the design team, has designed a lightweight and thin device; with a TRIPOD connection to bring multiple possibilities to gaming users, and a tailored ROG SMART COVER to provide strong protection.



ROG XG17 In order to decrease weight and increase portability, the design team chose a versatile and lightweight TRIPOD. E-sports users can use the TRIPOD to connect the ROG XG17, allowing e-sports players to simply and easily plug and play at will.


Supports Multi-screen Devices

A multi-function display that can be used for various types of devices, including smart phones, laptops or game consoles.