Each year, Singapore ASUS Design Centre (SADC) would organize a Halloween Party where we would dress up, have fun and decorate the office (see highlights of SADC 2018 Halloween Party here).  At SADC, nothing goes to waste as we are advocates of upcycling. It energizes our design team to think outside the box by transforming and reinventing potential waste or unwanted goods into new and useful products. We are ever mindful of protecting our environment and our impact on climate change. Consequently, we aim to reduce as much waste as possible through upcycling during our Halloween parties.

Spider decoration created using old Styrofoam ball, ping pong ball and previously used gloves


Using various used fabric from their own homes, a touch of inspiration and skill, our colleague at SADC has sewn together an “Oogies boogie” head.


Creating Spooky Vibes

2019 Halloween Decoration                                                                         

The theme for SADC Halloween party in 2019 was a “face-off” that encompasses face painting. To set the mood, we revamped the office to have an eerie atmosphere. To create a dark atmosphere in a brightly lit office, the team began changing to black curtains to block out any light coming into the office. As it’s tough to decorate the office alone, all the members of SADC came together to help do their part to help decorate the office.  It was a combined team effort to help create this creepy Halloween atmosphere in the office (PS: It was really scary to work overtime in the office alone)

Highlights of some of the decorations used in the making of SADC Halloween Party 2019:

  • The spider web was created with tape and a roll of black string
  • The red light effect was done by putting a red plastic bag over the bulb to create the eerie effect
  • All cutouts (spooky face, bats, words) were upcycled from materials that were used in our previous projects
  • Blackout curtains were used to block the light to create an eerie atmosphere

Original Office Layout

Face painting
As the theme for 2019 Halloween was “face-off”, each SADC member had to use our own face as a canvas where they could freely express their creativity and ideas to create pieces of face art. Each member scoured through various resources to get inspiration for recreating the characters of their choice from popular and classic horror films. In the spirit of upcycling, the materials used to create our face paint were mostly recycled from supplies we have in office/home.

Behind the scenes of various SADC members preparing for the “face-off” Halloween party

On 31 October 2019, the designers of SADC brought their various “tools” to transform their face. With their vision in mind, the designers began creating their “masterpiece”; some were inspired to look scary while some wanted to be badass and cool. As the famous saying goes “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.” The designer needed help from others to help with a certain part of the face paint/costume.

The biggest challenge when asking for help is how to bring the idea/concept across to their colleague when they are painting their face. Additionally, there needs to be a certain level of trust between the designers when entrusting their colleagues to assist with the face painting, as they need to have faith that their colleague would do a good job and not make them hideous (well, some of them do want to look monstrous).

Can you guess which movies were the members inspired by?

From left to right; Top row: Joker, Annabelle, Cereal Killer, Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth), Clown. Middle row: Frankenstein, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Skeleton Rocker, Roy Lichtenstein pop art, Joker. Bottom row: Billy the puppet (SAW), Stitched up rag doll, Parasyte


Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 – Team meeting with AR face filter


SADC Halloween Decoration 2020

At SADC, we always look forward to having a little fun in office but for this year’s Halloween, it is a little quieter than normal, as we are not allowed to party in the office due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Nonetheless, we still try our best to have a little fun by decorating the office and having a digital online party via teams to embrace the SADC spirit. Even though it is still 2020, we already have some ideas for the Halloween party next year. The theme is a secret for now (winks).