Product design is inspired by various places, among which many master-level buildings, the characteristic lines, light and shadows, and dialogue with the environment are good sources of inspiration. I was fortunate to visit a studio a few days ago. It is what I want to share with you today: 22STUDIO looking for inspiration from architectural aesthetics.

The core of 22STUDIO’s design starts with cement, which is commonly used in construction. For 22STUDIO, cement is not just a material, but a sincere and solid expression of the material. This feeling has also become an attitude towards their designs.

I think it is very interesting to start with this kind of material. When using cement in the scale of a product, the color, texture, touch and other details of the cement will be instantly exaggerated.

In order to redefine cement and find its own unique design vocabulary, 22STUDIO transforms common materials, textures, and styles in the architectural field. They have conducted experiments again and again on the properties of cement. How to improve the exquisiteness of the appearance of color and texture, and the performance of materials but also meet the specifications and durability of the production process?

After continuously improving the design and production process of cement materials, 22STUDIO further extends to the exploration of different materials such as steel, copper, stone, and leather, to make more combinations of different materials. Four product lines have been developed, including watches, stationery, home furnishings, and accessories.

22STUDIO advocates temperature-sensitive production abandons mass production’s obliteration of uniqueness, adheres to the craftsman’s spirit and workshop-like process to create every piece of work, and perfects every small link with heart. The color performance and texture of every cement product are different. I personally like their imperfection design aesthetics.

22STUDIO continues to evolve the possibility of cement, and there are also workshops so that the public can learn to appreciate cement.