Continued from ROG: Will There Be A Movie?

ROG RE:IGNITE is now live. Our previous articles took a deep dive into the ROG brand’s worldview. This time we will explore THE IDEA of CYBER GENERATION and reveal some of the easter eggs from RE:IGNITE.

So what is the Cyber Generation, anyways? In the ROG world, the GAMERS group is a mix of people from different backgrounds and personalities. This group of people comes from the Cyber Generation. Of course, there are many elements of the Cyber Generation to slowly be discovered.

The highs and lows of a man-made technology apocalypse drive the Cyber Generation to reverse and repair the injustices of the world. They seek to create the promised land by themselves in the digital virtual world. Inspired by their favorite pop culture, they aim to recreate new earth. This root of the ROG SAGA is to create an e-sports brand worldview with infinite possibilities.

The word saga appears frequently in heroic movies. It has legends of heroes and deep fantasies. It also represents what the ROG’s worldview wants to express: legendary stories created by a group of heroes like GAMERS.

The protagonists of GAMERS.
HORSEMAN: Victor, a natural shooter, good at all kinds of firearms.
AKIRA: Japanese samurai, good at swordsmanship.
ACHT: Superb hacking skills.
SEVEN: Female ninja assassin.
and GO: A cyborg body with a powerful exoskeleton.

The most recent member of GAMERS to be revealed is OMNI. As more characters and plots are released, it will be posted on the ROG official website.

OMNI is the partner in crime of hacker ARCHT. He is an impulsive street punk droid with retro style.

RE:IGNITE has a brief cameo by actor/comedian/personality Andy Tai Chih-yuan.

Speaking of cameos, many ROG products also make an appearance. The products help our heroes achieve greatness just as they help gamers in real life.

Below you can check out our music video for RE:IGNITE with musicians from 5 countries and 7 different cities.