ROG PNK LTD was the first in a line of pink ROG products. ELECTRO PUNK is the next generation of this CMF. Its inspiration is in line with the ROG visual language of cyberpunk.


>>RECAP!!ROG PNK LTD: Limitless Pink Powder Blast

ROG PNK LTD focused on female players as the main user target audience. This year we executed a thorough trend analysis and saw a revitalized wave of social consciousness moved towards de-genderization. Looking at the previous iteration of ROG PNK LTD, we realized products should not be designed only for the sake of superficial diversity. There are indeed differences in gender, but these manifest in complex ways.

A player’s preferred game genre or play style is a reflection of their characteristics, attitude, or life experience and is very rarely a reflection of their gender. Treating your audience as a 1 or 0 will ignore more representative differences, and your product may even alienate the user.

2020_strix design story_Electropunk

This new theme uses a more radical Neon Pink, a firm departure from the previous year’s Peach Pink.

The primary color of this CMF strategy is not pink, but black. The black base adds contrast and allows the neon pink accents to be even more expressive. The goal was to normalize pink to all audiences, and accepted by players of all genders and preferences. We also wanted to invoke the feeling expressed in movies and games of dystopian atmospheres.

Psychological effect of Pink


In color psychology, pink represents vitality, warmth, optimism, and hope. The ROG team wished to convey these feelings through Electro Punk. The goal was to make gaming a more welcoming space for all types of people.

It was not long ago that many people held the stereotype that pink was a symbol of women. Now pink is accepted even by ACG fans and streamers.

Carefully Chosen

Electro Punk NB + ACCY

The design team used different combinations of materials and colors to create a pink to match the defined spirit of Electro Punk. A single color can look completely different depending on which material it is applied. If the designer is not careful, the pink may cross the border of a toy feeling.


Electro Punk’s ROG PNK LTD series includes ROG STRIX G512, ROG STRIX GO 2.4, STRIX IMPACT II, ROG STRIX SCOPE TKL, ROG RANGER BP1503, and ROG SHEATH gaming mouse pad. It incorporates the color into all components a player can use for a full Electro Punk kit.

For a quick understanding of how Electro Punk controls your focus, take a look at our video below.

Full Product Line:


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