The global Covid-19 epidemic is severe in 2020. In order to prevent its spread, people need to avoid gathering. “Typically, spring is a thrilling time for the global design industry, the calendar crammed with high-profile fairs, exhibitions, and more…With health and safety as the ultimate priorities, some of the most anticipated industry events have been forced to reschedule or downright cancel.” (Extended reading: All the Design Events That Have Been Canceled or Postponed Due to Coronavirus So Far)

People are distressed because they can’t go out and have to stay at home for a long time. Online exhibitions allow interested audiences to break through space restrictions and and appreciate art from home.

Google Arts and Culture is this year’s online exhibition treasure which has been accumulating over 2000 exhibitions from more than 80 different countries since 2011. The types of exhibitions and content vary considerably from painting, sculpture, contemporary art, crafts, design, or even science and nature.

Online exhibition platforms have allowed people to divert their attention from social media and audio visual activities that make up most of our time online to something more educational and cultured. The website designs have also developed more interactive experiences. For example, Google Arts & Culture has a variety of ways to see the exhibition. You can choose a museum and see the work related to its exhibition. Through Google Maps you can walk through the exhibition space online via your browser.

For this issue we will take a look at some of the design related exhibitions.

London Design Biennale

United Kingdom

Online London Design Biennale


National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci


Online National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci

The Henry Ford

United States

Online Henry Ford Museum

Stafford Air & Space Museum Weatherford


Online Stafford Air & Space Museum Weatherford


United States


For more online exhibitions around the world, please visit Google Arts and Culture.