I use my bank and company ID cards every day. But if they’re stacked together, I can’t use the RFID chips inside them. So I always get stuck at the ticket gate for the MRT searching my bag for my EasyCard.

In response to these problems, Taiwan’s original design brand PLEASANT has combined classic leather materials with induction technology. Cards can be sensed on both sides. Ultra-thin and light, it has both design and function bringing a more organized and convenient experience to our modern lives.

The wallet uses a specially developed multi-layer alloy film, combined with shielding and strengthening materials, which can strengthen the signal and resist interference. The sensor layers are arranged on both sides, so that each side of the card holder can broadcast different signals without interference.

In leather craftsmanship, there is a Japanese method of making items called “One Piece of Leather”. The whole leather piece is not divided and is finished as a whole piece. 0.7 Wallet uses this concept with an origami structure to use a continuous piece of leather.

I am looking forward to the real card-free era. I want to leave my home empty handed, with nothing but the essentials. Until then, we can consider PLEASANT’s 0.7 wallet.