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The TUF Gaming A-15 Laptop has undergone numerous iterations of defining line feature designs. This time a hexagonal form simplified the appearance and strengthened the sense of the notebook. Its distinguished look has both a plastic and metal version.

“Hexagons are powerful elements in nature”

The design team is constantly trying to bring users a more pure structure in terms of design. It is common for designers to “do too much design,” but with the TUF A15 we made styling characteristics easy to understand for consumers.


One of the stronger associations with hexagons is beehives. William Kirby once referred to bees as “heaven-instructed mathematicians.” Hexagons have mechanical rationality and material saving principles which allow maximum strength and compactness.


From <freshphotons.com>


The hexagonal shape runs through the overall design. The corners are modeled after the hypotenuse of a hexagon, which allows for force dispersion upon collision, reducing possible damage.

“Simplicity is to enhance contemporary elements”


The metal version has a simple flat sandblasted treatment. For the casual gamer, we’ve designed an exclusive sticker to show off their personality.









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