In the busy shopping district of Xinbei, New Taipei City, on the first floor of the Banqiao Railway Station has been under construction for some time. The vacant store was rumored to be a famous brand’s flagship store. At the beginning of 2020, the curtain was dropped and the signage revealed: “TAIPOWER D / S ONE.” However, I struggled to recognize the brand. Is it a consumer electronics experience store? A futuristic sci-fi fashion shop? High-tech medical beauty store? It never occurred to me that this well-designed space was actually an exhibition hall. Taipei’s first “Green Energy” exhibition hall. TAIPOWER D / S ONE shows Taipower’s role from electric energy development to electric energy education and creative design.

If it is your first time to enter the TAIPOWER D / S ONE hall, you will be attracted by many highlights. The outside of the museum features a cube facade with the design concept of “urban light well.” During the day it looks like an infinite mirror reflecting the surrounding area, and at night displays solar energy through dynamic LED light installations.

The branding of the exhibition is quite clever, the logo featuring a fusion of the exclamation symbol and current symbol to convey the changing and creative experimental field of energy design.

The POWER LAB maker space is set up on the first floor, and related courses are scheduled. Here you can use 3D printing tools and experience the reuse of coal ash from power plants as 3D printing materials, which can create newly printed objects.

Entering the second floor of TAIPOWER D / S ONE is the science and technology exhibition area. The interactive and dynamic data design make scientific information more easily understood by visitors.

ENERGYM is also located on the second floor. It is an interactive exhibition that fuses analog and digital interactive media.

This participatory exhibition-style combines creativity and energy to educate the public and generate their interest in electric power. It conveys the core values of Taiwan’s energy development and plans for a sustainable future.

Exhibition Information:

Number 1, Section 2, Xianmin Avenue, Banqiao District, New Taipei City
MRT Bannan Line-Banqiao Station (Exit 2)
Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00-18:00