If you think about it, December is a month of joy and relief.

I am glad that the year-end is celebrated, gifts are gifted, and the holidays are coming. The whole year is coming to a close. At times it is a little sentimental. All the past challenges, and those which may arise in the new year. You may feel both nervous but expectant and happy.

The significance of the Christmas tree stands firmly with our emotions. A major event of ASUS every year is the unveiling of the brand new Christmas tree, bringing a warm current to the cold season.


You may not be aware of ASUS’s Christmas celebrations being famous in Taiwan. When the Christmas season comes, Taiwan’s news outlets cover all the different Christmas happenings around Taiwan: decorations, trees, and events. ASUS’s Christmas tree is always coveted by the editors because of its unique theme style each year, and it has cultivated a group of followers.

Every year, the design center will assist ASUS in the design and construction of the annual Christmas tree. Let’s take a look at the Christmas tree designs that have come in the past ten years from 2010. Since 2010, we have launched Christmas trees full of hope and imagination. These trees always follow visual trends, from sharp elegant materials to electronic lighting displays.

Let’s see what this year’s Christmas tree looks like!

This year, ASUS has designed two Christmas trees with the common theme of hope and fest. A five-meter-high ROG-themed Christmas tree was built in the lobby on the first floor of the Lide Building, and an eight-meter-high outdoor tree on the front grass of the Ligong building topped with the thirtieth-anniversary A.

The two Christmas trees inject the spirit of Zen and ROG. The outer layer is composed of a fluid three-ring design. Asus is now 30 years old and will continue to evolve.

Behind the shining of the Christmas tree, which includes planning, design, and construction, it took a total of four months. It can be seen that ASUS people attach great importance to the spiritual symbol of the Christmas tree! I discovered that many seemingly simple arrangements on the Christmas tree actually required lengthy and delicate planning. Even the height of the tree is debated.

During the concept phase, the design direction of the tree continued to develop in the direction of “Hope Ceremony”. We wanted the tree to stand tall, and emit the joy of the celebration. Therefore, the designers also thought of many elements, such as the shape and curve, how to separate the light bars, how to then use 3D to simulate the idea, but also consider the subsequent selection of materials and the smoothness of the production process. So, after many discussions and revisions, we were able to start building it.

After the design direction was set, we began coworking with the manufacturer. This time, the Christmas tree was produced in cooperation with a factory in Taichung. As you can see from the picture above, the lightbox on the top of the Christmas tree started from an outline the factory slowly built. Creating the 30th anniversary of Asus A Monogram and Eagle Eye.

If you notice, there are two Asus LOGO light boxes located under the Christmas tree. They also use the outer frame to outline the shape, and then weld the lines and blocks. The welding points on the lightbox are a delicate process.

The protagonists of the Christmas tree, three rings and A monogram, lean against the wall, dwarfing the factory door next to it.

The Christmas tree is also divided into equal proportions, and then evenly arranged ball decorations and LED bulbs to facilitate the assembly of the tree.

On the day of construction, Tiangong was very beautiful. The weather was so good, the designers and builders could hardly focus on the outline of the Christmas tree.

The inner layer of the Christmas tree’s bushes is a complete cone, so there is not much problem during assembly. Instead, the outer three-ring ring needs to be adjusted. Although the direction and angle are clearly understood on the design drawing, it is required to adjust during construction. Due to local conditions, it took some time to adjust the positioning of the ring.

The circular rings will be anchored with a bolt after positioning. The circles and tree are put in place to confirm with the designers.

Or you can see the ROG Christmas tree in the Lide Building, which is very sleek!

In fact, here is an early easter egg to share with you: these two Christmas trees have hidden doors! Convenient structural bonding and hiding of the light bar line. These doors should not be used to play hide and seek, but if you go inside, the perspective of the structure also has some nice flavor!

Construction requires builders to climb the Christmas tree, and place the rings.

On the day of construction, we were also fortunate to capture the ASUS Welfare Committee, design directors, and designers, who had a deep understanding of the mood of the design at that time. Short poems — the light of hope and the light of brave. These two poems are paired with these two trees of hope. Although the trees are in different buildings, with their beauty, they convey hope and courage to ASUS people.

~Light of Hope~

Every light cuts through the quiet darkness

Every light guides the way forward

Get rid of fear and break through difficulties

Open up a new future with confidence


~Heart of the Brave~

Gather more light sources, accumulate more energy

Blooming neon light brings unparalleled power

Put aside the shackles, fearlessly awaken the free will deep inside

Ready for battle


On the day the Christmas tree was set up, ASUS also held a special lighting ceremony. ASUS people gathered in the lobby to watch the tree of hope together. The two trees were shining slowly, and these moments of light were embraced by the ASUS people.

The tree provides some nice photo opportunities.

Many people have checked in to our Christmas tree on facebook, it is one of the top locations!#asusxmas2019 #華碩幸福聖誕樹 (click the link to see all the current hashtag posts!)

Thank you to all ASUS supporters! Thank you for your support this year, we will continue with hope and courage, to face more challenges without fear!

I wish you all a safe and happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

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