Everyone has played in the dirt as a child. Your older friends always teach you the best way to make a dirt clod. After many dirt clod fights, I realized the most important element to craft a dirt clod is to add water. Looking back, this was perhaps the first lesson in molding.

Concrete molds have been popular in recent years. The use of cement has expanded from building materials to various applications such as home furnishings and daily necessities: flower pots, stationery, accessories, and gifts. Cement materials have also improved over the years: fast drying, hard and easy to polish, easy to color and control shrinkage.

I took a DIY cement course. The course provided a cement substrate made from the natural materials found in local riverbeds and soil. The material is finer, so it takes longer to dry but provides a nicer texture and finish. This is one of the emerging materials in the construction industry and ideal for applications where precision is important.

The first step to making cement pottery is to use a silicone mold. Coat the mold in Vaseline as a release lubricant. Color selection is also important, a nice contrast gives the final product more depth. Mash the color chips into pieces and sieve them into the mold.

The ratio of powder to water is about two to one, and you must make sure to have the perfect amount to keep it clean. The mixing process is very challenging, fun, and fulfilling.

After an hour, the silicone mold was released! The quality of the surface will vary depending on the degree of care in the previous steps. For example, if the Vaseline was too thick or uneven, the surface will leave traces similar to the Vaseline smear; if the speed of the pour is too fast, the edge will accumulate air and cause bubble holes.

In the end, it is still necessary to sand uneven surfaces. Don’t forget to glue on the wooden legs and put in the stainless steel container.

Life is always filled with all kinds of surprises. Because the concrete mixture uses natural ingredients, it is much more environmentally friendly.

Try to use your creativity! Next time your dirt clod won’t break.