Everyone always asks me what is in my bag, and I am forced to reply “DREAMS AND COURAGE!” although we all know in reality it is full of 90% useless things. If Joyce had the same lame sense of humor she would say her bags are full of knowledge, referring to the many books that usually occupy her bag.

(Any chance Joyce has, she will take out her book to read.)

Joyce is the director of our industrial design department and has designed many products including Transformer, Zenbook, Vivobook, and ASUS Laptop. Joyce is a person who knows how to enjoy life. She loves food, likes to travel, enjoys a strong cup of coffee, and also loves wine. She skis and climbs, hikes and runs. Frankly, Joyce is so active and extroverted, it is a little hard to imagine her sitting down calmly to read. This interesting mix of personality traits has riled my curiosity.

(Loves food, and enjoys life, and then loves a little more food)

Joyce is a very rational person. She told me people need a lot of evidence to convince her of opinion or ideology.

“I like to read books. When an author finishes a book, it is open to criticism. Often books are fact-checked before publishing. This is far more responsible to get information from books than hear-say. When reading, I feel a sense of conversation with the author.”

One day I noticed Joyce’s book had a beautiful cover. It turned out it was a custom cover. Today she grabbed a book out of her bag, Zero to One, wrapped in a coffee paper bag. She was so excited about the combination of coffee and books. Joyce often likes to wrap books to protect the cover. As a designer, there are always a lot of good-looking paper products around. The repurposed covers were practical and beautiful, eventually becoming a habit.

(Joyce always uses quality material to wrap her books)

I’m a little embarrassed to admit the last time I finished an entire book. I think technology has impacted the way many of us consume information. Joyce is an inspiration to maintain a good reading habit. But this habit didn’t happen overnight. Joyce started at a young age. Ironically she viewed books other than school textbooks as a waste of precious studying time. However, she thoroughly enjoyed the reading comprehension short stories in her textbooks.

In university, Joyce was surrounded by classmates who loved to read books, and Joyce took an interest in reading foreign books. At that time she loved to read the literary works of Kafka and Kundera. Her list of books got wider and wider. She told me “Everyone is born with intelligence but you can train your mindset and alter your perspective through reading. This is the biggest treasure that reading brings me.”

You can observe Joyce during her weekdays as a very planned person. She records all her books read in a log and shares them with her friends. She also will post some of the best sentences she reads to attract new readers.

When Joyce meets people who appreciate the same books, she can use an idiom to express herself and they will understand it right away. This type of communication is colorful for Joyce.

(Joyce’s book record is also for motivation)


(Joyce is very adventurous and loves to experience life)

Joyce lives life by the Chinese idiom “Qing Geng Yu Du.” Its significance lies in the cultivation of farming on sunny days, staying at home in the rainy days to read poetry and books, and fully cherish the time to enrich life. If you take a look at Joyce’s Facebook, you can see she enjoys life, experiences many beautiful things, and for everything else she will read a book.