Perpetual rainfall, giant screens, neon signs, and overdeveloped city avenues glow in a fusion of new technology and outdated infrastructures. These are signature styles of a cyberpunk world. 8-bit graphics reminiscent of old arcade games convey a sense of nostalgia similar to those found in cyberpunk motifs. ROG designers frequently integrate cyberpunk themes into their designs and the ROG design worldview.

// Visual Elements Through Gaming History-8/16bit

Time allows us to differentiate old from new. But for some audiences, the first encounter with something old is new. For example, retro games. Older gamers may have a strong nostalgic connection with this type of aesthetic. Younger demographics have not been exposed to this visual experience, so it is new for them and takes on a feeling completely different from other generations. Refreshing this aesthetic was the visual communication goal of ROG designers.

You will seldom find a visual trend which hasn’t been repeated. It is even less likely to find a truly novel visual trend. These trends are cyclical. Once the current trend reaches a saturation point, it will become dated and an old trend will be revitalized. Exploring past trend opportunities and discovering new ways to implement them is the true challenge. Trends in innovation and fashion are in a constant flux of irrelevance and relevance.

Generations of the ’80s and ’90s recall childhood memories of 8 bit games that reproduce the enthusiasm they had for those games. Interpreting the ‘old’ elements of technology and applying them to modern design is a common practice.

This cycle often appears in design trends or techniques, reinterpreting the ‘old’ elements in modern technology or methods. This is also prevalent in ROG’s worldview and cyberpunk aesthetic.

We can see other examples of this in big brands. For example, LV’s recent campaign is an 8-bit retro sidescroller. Check it out below.


In addition to LV, FENDI and GUCCI also launched mobile games with retro elements to engage millennials and game enthusiasts. These games use visual elements to strengthen the brand’s identity with consumers. This is a pretty basic marketing branding strategy, but when you pair it with feelings of nostalgia, you are able to associate the brand to a time when the audience wasn’t aware of the brand.




// ROG CONNECTED to 8/16bit

Designers are always trying to stay on top of trends and new happenings. For game brands, it can be even more important. Reinterpreting game visions is no longer sufficient, game brands must also evoke the enthusiasm of pro gamers and their fan bases.

If you haven’t seen the visual elements of ROG’s new season from COMPUTEX, check it out below. Animated desktop backgrounds are available for download here:

ROG takes from retro games and their MIDI music and reintroducing it to ROG fans. It brings back a classic aesthetic unique to a very special period of technology. Blending retro and avant-garde elements are true to the ROG brand spirit.