What is design? Design is the result of meticulous revisions. Layered efforts determine the optimal direction guiding the design to a polished outcome. The User Experience team executed a project to express in the form of a story the workflow and integration of UE, IDA, and GUI teams. Planning, cutting, assembling and more are all part of the workflow of the User Experience teams.

The primary idea was to use a naive style to create a spatial link of content. Separated into three chapters: birth, decision, and twist, the themes come together in a seemingly contradictory manner, giving the viewer an immersive experience.

So how did we plan this project? The first step was to determine our subject matter and goals:

1) Related to the design process
2) Related to UE
3) Exercise each designer’s creativity
4) Regard practice
5) Promote process
6) Emphasize the interaction of virtuality and reality

Based on these goals, we set a theme direction: combining the film and space.

Our second step was story planning.

A first-person narrative and split-screen script were written to present the overall storyline. Afterward, a storyboard with all visual elements was drafted to confirm congruence.


Only through tender cultivation will the seed of design sprout, which can’t be done without hard labor. Thus when the eureka moment hits, it feels as inspiring as marvelous fireworks.


A phase where ideas spread like wildfire until they finally land on something solid. Which then spawned a vast variety of details. And the struggle of balancing pros and cons until eventually the chosen proposal is finalized.


While the presumption is a smoother journey here on out, but when the dust is settled, a more treacherous path reveals itself. With the sudden twist, the designer goes back to the drawing board and the cycle starts again.

The third step is work distribution.

Once the primary direction and story were confirmed, the next step is to proceed with the grouping.

Film production team

Responsible for small component drawing, and stop motion shooting and editing effects.

Set production team

This has to test powerful GUI design skills. Our expectations were high, using a suspension method to create a scene from paper. Each component must be designed with simplicity and easy to assemble. To add layered detail each paper design was textured with paint.

The Final Assembly

Each finalized design was hanged piece by piece. The process was meticulous but gave a strong sense of accomplishment upon completion. Even with the tremendous amount of planning put into this project, no one was sure how the final effects would be perceived, but the result was great!

Zoom in欣賞

Below are three stop-motion films displayed in the window. This is a reminder of how the design process can be complicated but rewarding.