In 2006, ASUS launched S6, the world’s first leather notebook. The design was a breakthrough in notebook technology.

On the 30th anniversary of ASUS, looking forward to the future, we launched the Zenbook Edition 30 commemorative edition. It is a tribute to the classic S6, but also shows our persistence in pursuit of quality craftsmanship.

(S6 launched in 2006)

The unique characteristic of the ASUS S6 is that it is treated with high-grade leather on the cover and the keyboard. The S6 has a soft, tactile feel with an embossed crocodile pattern for a more luxurious look.

The industrial designer of the S6 explained, “Using natural materials like leather provides a pleasant tactile experience. Furthermore, the leather ages well with repeated use. This strengthens the bond between device and user.” Combining leather with traditional components was well received in the consumer electronics world.

S6 overcame conventional notebook designs, boldly combining leather materials commonly used in fashion. S6 pursues fashion without sacrificing performance.

The S6 was a milestone for ASUS. Thirteen years later with the 30th anniversary of ASUS, we launched the Zenbook Edition 30.

(Zenbook Edition 30 is powerful and fashionable)

The Zenbook Edition 30 debuted alongside the ASUS Monogram. Behind the monogram, there is a lot of meaning.

The “A” monogram is adopted from the A prefix of ASUS and has a symbolic meaning of leadership. The foundation of the A is a representation of the Chinese symbol 人 for people. The top part creates an arrow shape signifying our ability to overcome obstacles and ascend industry norms. When the shape is flipped it resembles a heart that speaks to the heartfelt affection and endearment for life.

(ASUS internal event. The ASUS monogram utilized for trophies)

Combining the ASUS Monogram and the ZenBook Edition 30 is a perfect match. The 18K gold finish complements the significance of the ASUS monogram’s design story.

While talking about the product with its designer, Jerry, his explanation flows more like he is talking about fashion rather than electronics.

You can see the passion Jerry has for his design. Jerry said he gained a lot of insight by working with leather and other materials. By listening to Jerry’s explanation, one can tell the design process is very complex. There is something to learn from each step of the process, that’s why Jerry is so proud of the Zenbook Pro.

Designing products is very similar to painting. A strong and beautiful frame can protect and complement it. This 30th Anniversary Special Edition also includes a mouse, mousepad, computer handbag, and gift card. The packaging, both in terms of the color tone and material, was selected to complement the collection as a whole.

(Zenbook Edition 30 complete collection, including mouse, mousepad, laptop bag. Remarkably polished.)

With Zenbook Edition 30, we recognize our past and look forward to the future. The 30-year-old ASUS is very young, full of energy and countless possibilities. We hope to bring our consumers continuous innovation.