After a two-hour meeting, I needed a cup of coffee. I stumbled into the elevator, and saw Jonas. I politely nodded and leaned against the wall of the elevator.

“Have you ever thought about wearing jade?” Jonas in the other corner of the elevator suddenly asked me.

“What??” Images of a kind old lady wearing jade earrings and coral bracelets flashed in front of my eyes… I was suddenly awake and no longer felt the need for coffee.

“Do you think I have reached the age of wearing jade?” I asked.

“Who said that jade is worn by the elderly? I saw you wear a lot of accessories. I was curious if you would be interested in jade.” Then I looked up and saw Jonas, with a full-bodied jade in his left ear encrusted in diamond, with his usual simple wear. Huh? Suddenly Jonas made jade look cool.

I should be embarrassed about prejudice against jade. We started to talk about jewelry, gems, and jewelry design. Jonas studied jewelry design. Through this interview, I can introduce him while subverting the stereotype of jade.

Jonas is our visual interface design chief and has designed Zenfone, Zenbo, Smart Speaker, Display OSD, and other related software.
He is very sensitive about materials, color judgment, and detail in design. For the selection and design of a gem, he is persistent and thoughtful.

Jonas said that since childhood, he was particularly sensitive to the beauty of things. He has an insistence on what he wants to wear. Maybe it is not pleasing to look back to now, but at that time it felt it was the best match.

Jonas said that he liked jewelry from the past. He thinks that jewelry is different from clothes and shoes. It is not a necessity but an extra thing. Once it is chosen, it is the most reflective of an individual’s taste and personality. Indeed, recalling the process of purchasing jewelry, I always hope to find the earrings, the ring and the necklace that are closest to me in the dazzling accessories on the market.

Jonas told me that jade is very low-key, and it quietly exudes a temperament, which is the introversion that dazzling diamonds do not have. Original jewelry can reflect one’s temperament. Jonas is very cool; however, Jonas is also gentle. I am very interested in the growth of Jonas and his process of studying. He said on his path to learning design, his family has always been very supportive, even since high school. I learned why Jonas began to create jade jewelry, which silently added a lot to him.

(The original stone brought by Jonas, one by one, each one is round and full, crystal clear and transparent)

Jonas told me that he had a habit as a child. Every mother’s day, he would prepare gifts for his mother with only one mission: make momma happy. Such a sweet boy.

Once he was old enough to afford it, Jonas started thinking, why not select a fine bracelet for my mother? He worked with an appraiser friend, and through discussion and the appraisal, he slowly began to learn gem design. Jonas, who has always loved jewelry, quickly got started. In just two years, more than ten designs were delivered to mom. Looking at a piece of work, I can easily imagine the joy and touch of a mother when she receives a gift.

(some pieces by Jonas)

(from imagination, expectation, design, and to the final product)

There are so many types of jade in the world, do you have a particular type you like? Jonas told me that Imperial jade is the only gem-quality jade in the world, which is rich in color and stable in physical properties. It has strong luster, high refractive index, high specific gravity, and high hardness. It is also produced only in the specific veins of Myanmar. It is very precious.

When asked what piece of jewelry he liked the most, Jonas didn’t skip a beat. He said that the ring is the only accessory that can’t be blocked when worn on the body; whether it is earrings, necklaces or bracelets, those may be blocked by hair or clothing, even if you look in the mirror. Only the ring, once worn It will always be seen. Rings also serve different purposes and have stories: what kind of ring, on which finger it’s worn, each has a different interpretation.

(In Jonas’s creations, there is no shortage of ring designs)

In the end, I am very curious about jewelry design. Is there any change or association in Jonas’s personality or work? Jonas told me that in the process of identifying and designing jewelry, it is great training for a designer in material, color judgment, and detail. What he learned the most about it though, is how to deal with people. Before, he was always picky and wanted to change people to meet his requirements. But after studying the gems, he found that people are like jade. Each is unique. There are varying lines, there are beautiful places, and some perfect flaws; We should learn to accommodate each other’s shortcomings, and appreciate each other’s strengths and beauty.