To be honest, attending conference rooms isn’t my favorite thing to do. It can get a little cold in there, and I’m not talking about the temperature. You know what I mean.

Recently however, three conference rooms at ASUS HQ (113, 227, and 229) have been transformed, and I can’t seem to stay away. Thanks to Computex and the ASUS 30th Anniversary, our designers have been hard at work changing these typical conference rooms into spectacular displays. These rooms showcase the creative ideas of ADC, and through the products, components, and exceptional displays, the brand value of ASUS is more apparent than ever.

This time of year brings VIPs and visitors from all over the world. This puts ASUS into overdrive: interviews with media reporters, multiple events, press releases, and lots of interaction with the public. With this opportunity we are able to showcase our products and the enthusiasm we have for creativity and design, sharing with all.

You may have seen many great photos and reports from various media of our displays. But the most intriguing part is the thoughts and efforts behind these beautiful presentations.


Vivobook’s personality completely dominates room 113, with one of the most inviting display areas. Vivobook’s ‘Say Me’ campaign attitude is expressed through the arrangement of devices, color usage, and all sorts of fine details. A mountain of shredded paper is symbolic of the many attempts of designers’ during the creative process. Just as the Vivobook challenges norms, inspires creativity, and pushes the imagination, the installation does the same: Vivobooks are hung in a way which leave you wondering “how’d they do that?” At the same time you can find hidden messages and Easter Eggs: humorous hashtags in every corner, and cheeky stickers. A designer said, “Who says a notebook should be displayed on a table?”

“Who says?” The room’s spirit can be encapsulated by these two words. The Vivobook expresses this type of self-confidence and courage to express yourself. No one can define you. Only you can.

(The design team working together, stringing yarn to wooden frames one at a time. Vivobooks are carefully hung to display the vibrant colors play on contrast for an eye-catching design)

A lot of people really like the Vivobook stickers. These stickers were actually designed by the team, but that is only part of the story. The original proposal had so many designs, different submissions from different designers. As designers, we naturally have different ideas: some are funny, come are controversial, and some are simply pleasing to the eye. Without a single art direction, the true attitude of ‘Say Me’ was captured by the design team and their individuality.

In addition to the design, each artist tested different materials to make sure the stickers looked good and were easy to use, highlighting their personal style. With these stickers, you can create an exclusive personality for your Vivobook and highlight your individual style.

(The large collection of sticker styles encourages exploration to find those which truly match your personality)

227 – Senses and Intuition

As a child, I loved to watch Doraemon. I was fascinated by the Gulliver Tunnel (a tunnel which will shrink or enlarge you depending on the direction you enter). The installation of room 227 evokes my childhood memories.

Like a tunnel through time, the 227 exhibition area features a space full of technological progression: EXPANDED VISION (Padfone 2011), ENHANCED FLEXIBILITY (Transformer 2012), and HYBRID FOR VERSATILITY (ScreenPad 2018). The early PadFone explored the user’s relationship between phone and tablet. The Transformer better met the needs of tablet users: not limiting usability and creativity to a single type. The ASUS Taichi, was the first notebook with a front and rear screen. Last year, it was the ScreenPad.

These innovations were displayed step by step through the tunnel, accumulating to impressions of the Zenbook Pro Duo.

The biggest challenge of the 227 exhibition area is to transform a standard conference room into an immersive experience which accurately expresses the concepts of the designers. Named Senses and Intuition, the space is meant to invoke the senses, most importantly touch and vision. Zenbook Pro Duo brings new tactile and visual experiences, the same creation and innovation ASUS is truly proud of.

(A paper model was originally made by the designer for the concept of this space, then recreated a 3D model for accuracy)

229- Explore Precision

I’ve always loved experiencing textures and feeling different materials. So upon entering the material display of 229, what could I do? I think there is a driving part of us as humans which wants to utilize our sense of touch to verify that our visual judgement is correct. This urge is completely satisfied by the materials and colors of this mostly hands-on exhibition (some of the items can’t be touched).

Explore Precision is like a material laboratory. It is divided into three sections: Zenbook, Vivobook, and Studiobook. Neatly organized and presented, designers use different colors, objects, and materials to show the finesse of ASUS’s signature design style. Everyday objects are used as inspiration to link the connection between consumers and products. Visitors are educated on the process of CMF with artifacts from various stages of the manufacturing process, giving a deeper understanding of ASUS’s uncompromising attitude towards each machine. In the middle of the room is a table with interesting materials with unique textures and a visual appeal which is hard to resist. I love this room.

(Behind the well-organized exhibition is the tireless effort of many designers)

(Details are carefully planned and laid out by designers)

Thanks to the team, the original meeting rooms of 113, 227, and 229 have become a stimulating exhibition. With limited time and space, it is truly amazing to showcase with such a high level of detail.

I considered which exhibition area I liked the most, but later realized there was no competition. All three exhibition areas have their own characteristics and ideas the designers wanted to express. This is what we bring to everyone with ASUS.