Another trip abroad. This time to Kyoto, Japan.

Kyoto is a famous historical city in Japan which retains the culture of the ancient capital and merges with new world trends. It’s a very charming city.

Nearly every year I arrange a trip to Kyoto, and each trip I make a point to visit this special lifestyle shop – D & DEPARTMENT.


D & DEPARTMENT (D & D) started in Tokyo and established stores throughout Japan. The department store abides by sustainable design. It doesn’t sell trendy miscellaneous goods or cheap wholesale products. Every item in D & D has a story which shares its creators’ ideas and taste. It is one of the best lifestyle stores in Japan.


Kyoto’s D & D DEPARTMENT KYOTO is a space which was produced by D & DEPARTMENT PROJECT and Kyoto Art University and located in Foguang Temple.


You won’t find other lifestyle shops in the district of Shijio KarasumaIn, it is the business district of Kyoto. And D & D has a unique set up inside the temple.


The store is not very large, but holds a diverse selection of items.


With such a large selection and such limited space, each item is neatly organized and presented like a window display.


Each item is labeled with detailed specifications and the products origin. After reading a few labels you will come to realize these products are from all over the world, taking an international perspective on design.


With so many great products, it can be hard to limit the amount of items you buy. The store advocates careful thinking when selecting your purchase, and to avoid impulsive buying, which aligns to their ideals of sustainable design.


One small space near the counter is reserved as a gallery, a home for art exhibitions and other activities.


Nearby is a dd café. The traditional space provides room for Japanese refreshments, coffee, and small meals. The dishes are seasonal, so new recipes with fresh ingredients are always available.


D & DEPARTMENT’s carefully curated selection of products relate to our lives in addition to showcasing various design perspectives.


If you’re in Kyoto, visit Foguang Temple. And while you’re enjoying the beautiful intricacies of the temple, make sure to visit D & DEPARTMENT for a complete Zen experience.

京都府京都市下京区高倉通仏光寺下ル新開町397 本山佛光寺内