ASUS entered its 30th anniversary this year. Under the call for ‘Collective Wisdom,’ or ‘Zhongzhi’ in Chinese, a commemorative sports competition was organized.

This year, the ASUS Welfare Committee and ADC designers were tasked with designing sports apparel for the 30th anniversary. In order to show the vitality and unity of ASUS, designers carefully considered the style of pants and jackets, different fabrics, colors, and sourced zippers and other hardware. It was an effort of designers from varying departments all throughout the ASUS Design Center.

(The ASUS Welfare Committee and ADC designer discuss the details of the apparel.)

Before introducing the sports apparel, we should first introduce the branding behind it: The ‘A’ monogram. The little monogram, seemingly simple, has many implications:

The foundation of the A is a representation of the Chinese word 「人」 “Ren,” for people. We believe that people are the most valuable assets and the foundation of a company. Being “people-oriented” is the central idea of ASUS and ASUS Design Center.

Thanks to the solidarity of the ASUS people, we’ve joined hands for 30 years to bring the spirit of innovation in our search for the exceptional. This same fearless spirit is conveyed through the arrow-like monogram. When the shape is flipped it resembles a heart which speaks to the heartfelt affection and endearment for life. The monogram displays a sense of honor, taking pride in our 30 years of continuous evolution, and persistence to optimize products and services we bring to consumers.

(The design of the apparel is meant unify through the hashtag #wisertogether)

With a rational and well considered brand design, we can move on to the details of the apparel design.

The goal was to create something that looked great but also comfortable and functional: quality sensible sportswear. With this in mind, the designers selected a flexible and moisture wicking fabric for both casual wear and outdoors. We wanted people to show up to the sports day wearing clothes that feel comfortable, but ready to compete.

(Small detail pieces like zippers, drawstring tips, and other hardware were hand selected by the designers)

(Professional-grade moisture wicking fabrics and comfortable elastics were selected to meet the needs of leisure and sports activities)

(Color was also carefully considered for the apparel)

The entire set of sportswear, including T-shirt, pants, and a jacket, was accompanied by a sleek package design. Each item was bagged and tagged with the 30 year anniversary slogan and hashtag. The individual packaging is a testament to the quality of the clothing inside. In addition, each piece has a name tag to make it your own. This entire presentation is exclusive to ASUS employees and designed to honor each individual who participates in the competition.

(Packaging, tag, and a name tag)

We’re kicking off 2019 with this special design collaboration to celebrate the ASUS 30th anniversary, to unify ASUS, and build more for the future.