In October, after visiting the Netherlands we next took a romantic trip to Paris, France. The moment we set foot in Paris, we strolled straight over to Merci, one of the best stores in the historic district of Haut-Marais. If you don’t speak one word of French, you’ll quickly learn the word merci, which means thank you. Merci is a completely awesome name for a store.


Built in 2009, Merci is located in a tall three-story, 4000 sq. ft building that used a 19th Century textile factory. On the first floor there is the Le Used Book Café, which has a wall stacked with over 10,000 books. Additionally, in the Merci courtyard, they’ve parked a vintage red car. After you walk through the main door there is a skylight atop the building that lets natural sunlight fill the entire space. Art hanging from the tall ceiling and walls, give the feeling of walking through a fine arts museum.


Merci is the perfect destination for discovering trinkets and small designer items from all over the world.


One of the walls displays exclusive, time-limited availability exhibits, which change every month.


Merci is separated into various sections including small goods, household utensils, kitchen tools, stationary, men and women’s jewelry, home decorations, and a coffee store. Besides all of the small-goods items in the store, Merci also reserves spaces for local artists and brands to display their products.


The diversity of the brands at Merci is amazing, and there are even many famous ones from Asia. When we visited, there were many Japanese-branded stationary goods, which are quite popular with Parisians.


The 2nd floor of Merci is reserved for kitchen goods that can be purchase individually, or as customer-created sets.


The atmosphere inside Merci is very relaxed and enjoyable. In all my visits, the store has been great.


Merci is more than home decorations, it also offers many trendy accessories. It’s fascinating to explore the materials and colors that are used in foreign-designed brands and products.


If you go to France, and visit the romance capital of the world, I recommend experiencing how locals live their daily lives. You must sit at a corner restaurant, sipping a nice glass of house wine. It is Paris, after all! Then, swing by Merci to enjoy the beauty, and the international flavor of the store.


Merci Paris
111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris
+33 1 42 77 00 33